Saturday, January 22, 2011

Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address


The Sun Is One But The  Infinite Rays Fall On This Beauiful Earth And Brightens And Enriches .
The Brightness brings Us Out Of Nightly Slumber To Begin Refreshedly With Our Chores  .
So Is The Connection With The One Powerful Almighty Source
We All Call God , Ram , Krishna , Allah , Waheguru , Pitambar, Ganesh ,Rahim .
Today We Call It The LIGHT Or The SOURCE   But The Desire Is To Connect .
To One That Is All Powerful
It Was There It Is There It will Always Be There !

__$¦$¦$¦$ ____ $¦$¦$¦$
......__ $¦$___________________$¦$
(¯≻ ✦ ≺¯)$¦$______$¦$(¯≻ ✦ ≺¯)
_(_.^._)____$¦$__$¦$____ (_.^._)
_____(¯`.´¯) __$¦$__ (¯`.´¯)
___ (¯≻ ✦ ≺¯) _ $_ (¯≻ ✦ ≺¯)
_____(_.^._) (¯`.´¯)_(_.^._)
__________(¯≻ ✦ ≺¯)
_____(¯`.´¯) (_.^._) (¯`.´¯)
___ (¯≻ ✦ ≺¯) ____(¯≻ ✦ ≺¯)
_____(_.^._) ______ (_.^._)

For That Is Our Essence .
See The Bliss Enhance Your Being .
Gratefulness Our Moto And Then We Will See
This World In Peace We All Dream Of ! God Bless !

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


ღ When angels visit us,
we do not hear the rustle of wings,
nor feel the feathery touch of the breast of a dove,
but we know their presence by the love they create in our hearts.
Angels may appear in your darkest hour,
...that's when you remember that you have
someone watching over you.
Embrace them, Love them, Never deny them,
for angels will appear in your darkest hour.

~ Unknown ~

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


1.Confront your emotional pain - your shock, fear, anger, and grief. Recognize that the hurt that has occurred may have been very unfair and that these steps are not meant to minimize the hurt involved.

2. Realize that f...orgiveness can only be appropriate after you have processed out your fear, anger, and grief. However, also realize that you can set forgiveness as a goal in the future for your sake now! Recognize that to continue to dwell on the anger and resentment involved in the hurt will literally destroy your physical health, and cause you great mental suffering.

New studies clearly show that anger and resentment doubled the risk of myocardial heart attacks in women with previous coronary problems. Other studies indicate cancer and other deadly illnesses are also caused by anger and resentment. So be willing, for your sake, to begin to process out these deadly emotions as soon as possible.

3. Understand that love is what you ultimately want for yourself from yourself.

4. Understand that forgiveness does not condone or approve or forget the harmful acts; forgiveness does not allow yourself to be abused. We forgive the doer, not the doing. Remembering this helps us to break harmful cycles of behavior.

5. Realize that you are the only person responsible for your own feelings and for healing the hurt that is going on inside of you.

6. Remember that you are so powerful that usually you had some part in what happened. Be willing to totally face up to that part and accept it without blame (to forgive and love that part).

7. See this situation as an opportunity for healing and for growth. See that the other person involved has revealed to you through his or her actions where there was a wounded spot in you which needed healing.

8. Start releasing anger, sadness, grief, and fear through the many processes, therapies and therapists available. Have a person to work with who can truly empathize with you, yet who can be objective and help you shift your perception from blame to healing.

9.Decide to forgive. Even if this decision is half-hearted at first, it will probably lessen your hurt and anger immediately.

Notice that this decision can be difficult because after you have processes out the anger, resentment and grief, you will have to give up the grudge - the being the "victim", the "being right" and making the other person "wrong". Notice that this is "superior" position which can be used to get a lot of self-righteous attention. Be willing,for your sake to have the courage to get off that "superior" position.

10.Be willing to find a new way to think about the person who wronged you. What was his or her life like growing up? What was his or her life like at the time of the offense? What were this person's good points up to the time of the hurt? Notice you may not be able to see much good within until you have processed out your anger and/or grief or fear.

11. Be aware that being forgiving is a courageous act on your part. It has nothing to do with whether the other person can admit they are wrong. You are forgiving to liberate yourself no matter what the other person decides to do.

12. Be willing to do and learn whatever it takes to forgive. Commit to do processes, to read courageous stories of forgiveness, to write in journals, to see a therapist, to do training’s, or to do whatever it takes to heal the wounds involved. Remember these wounds may be deeply tied to past hurts going back to your interactions with your parents. Resolve to follow them through for your total healing, even if it involves years of effort to heal. Remember that you are determined to find the true happiness and joy that true forgiveness can bring to your life.

13. If you believe in a Higher Power, be willing to pray on this problem and to turn to this Higher Power for guidance and assistance in the forgiveness process.

14. Accept the lessons involved in this incident — our lives are laboratories for learning. What have you learned from this event that is invaluable to you? Has some form of attachment to a belief or beliefs a position has caused you the pain involved? What belief or beliefs were involved?

15. See that everything is okay; possibly perfect, as it is now.

16. If you have the willingness and it is appropriate, seek feedback from the other person by being willing to say "I'm sorry that I did..." (whatever it is that you feel contributed to the problem).

17. Regardless of what the other person does, work towards seeing them with love and goodness. Know that therefore love and goodness are thus flowing to you for your mental and physical health and well-being.

In certain cases, it is essential to seek professional intervention, even if the other person declines to do so. Keeping an open mind to seek long term solution is never easy. But to recover and maintain proper physical, mental, spiritual, emotional health and acceptable relatioships, there is no other choice in the end. We must not try to be our own physicans or try to hide the problem from friends, family & others. To them you are already a walking sign-board ! Get proper professional help, even though it might be a short term pain, for long term gain (benefits) !


Thursday, January 6, 2011


All of us want it and yet most of us are bowed down because of the lack of it. Living abundantly, for those who found it, does not take much. All it takes are simple measures that would not cost anything aside from a change in attitude. Honesty and goodwill does it while for the most times, fear of poverty hinders it. Here are proven practical steps:

Give. It is so ironic that people who give are those who have more. It is not true that those who are able to give can because they live on excess, as most people believe. On the contrary, people who give attracts powers in the universe (unbelievable though it may sound) to have more for them to give more. When giving is practiced, without expecting any in return, the person ultimately lives abundantly. Attracting the power of receiving is done through the practice of giving.

This is not easy, because if it is, everyone would have been living abundant lives by now. People who refuse the gift of being able to give have closed fists if you will and are miserable. This is why they are called misers. People who give are raised several notches more, they are happy. They also get the cooperation of everyone around, they get the reputation of being trusted, of being good hearted, and so the opportunity keeps pouring in.

Be Honest. Being honest goes beyond telling the truth. Being honest, is freeing the mind of encumbrances that slows people down. Dishonesty severs relationships and builds the image of untrustworthiness putting other people off. When that happens, opportunities get less, cooperation with other people is not achieved, loneliness sets in, more than that, there is confusion in the mind that affects even the simplest of better judgment further eroding the persons capabilities. In today's world where everything is measured in cents and dimes, honesty is rare. Because it is, honesty is a very valuable asset. Honest people have clearer minds, better dispositions and could spot opportunities, not traps, whenever there is one.

Believe that there is enough for everyone. Scientists agree that the resources of the world could sufficiently provide even when the current world population is tripled. That is more than enough. The most successful people are people who recognized this and came up with ideas to harness the world's resources to work for them. Everyone can.

Be Grateful. Gratefulness is recognizing that you have what you have and pleased to have it. It breeds contentment that enables you to move forward. When you are not pulled back by resentment, you move faster onward. Focusing on the good things in your life is focusing on the achievements that you otherwise would not have made. Focusing on positive things also relieves the mind of anger that have always resulted to having less or not being contented that results to greed which is more deadly. Gratefulness relaxes the mind.

When the mind is relaxed there is peace. If there is peace the person is better prepared to think of better ideas. Positive thoughts are energies. Energies attract the same energy. Positivity attracts the positive. Then you live more abundantly.

Ray West.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Wake Up My Dear Friend To A Bright New Morn
With Sunshine In Your Windows
And brightness In Your Heart
The Blessings Of Abudance
Joyful And Healthy
...For The New year Has Dawned
With All Almighty's Loving Blessings !
╔═════════ ೋღ❤ღೋ* ═════════╗
ೋ ❤❤~~HAPPY NEW YEAR~~❤❤ ೋ
╚═════════ ೋღ❤ღೋ* ═════════╝
...❤▄███▄❤──*▄██▄*──❤▄███❤─ღ▄███ღ ❤▀──██❤─*██──██*───❤██❤───ღ██ღ ❤──██❤──*██──██*───❤██❤───ღ██ღ ❤─██❤───*██──██*───❤██❤───ღ██ღ ❤█████❤──*▀██▀*───❤▄██▄❤─ღ▄██▄ღ


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^l |^^^^^^^^^^|
( ♥#### Happy New Year 2011 ####♥|”"”;..,___.
|……_______=====_| l______________l _|__|…, ] |
“(@)’(@)”""""""*l'(@)l'(@)l """"""""""""""(@)'(@)""""'(@)


by Arvinder Kaur on Saturday, 01 January 2011 at 00:28
The Dawn Of A New Day
Brings With It A Brand New Year
All Of A Sudden One Realises
A Decade Has Passed Us By !

The Dawn Of Another Day
How Much Change Is Inside Us
365 Days Just Flew By Learning
To Welcome Joyous New Change !

Grow Up To New Aspirations
Compassion For One And All
Grow Up To New Desires
To Love And Share All Around !

Grow Up To Words Of The Sages
Learning To listen To Our Conscious
For It Knows What Its All About
Showing Gratitude For All The Bounties !

God Bless The World With Wisdom
To Cherish The Blessed Blessings
May The Year That Is Coming
Bring Peace And Prosperity All Around !

All God's Blessings !
                                ~~~~~~ Arvinder .