Sunday, May 6, 2012


P.E.A.C.E . - Its A Personal Emotional Act Creating Equation

 A Heavily Loaded Beautiful Word It Starts Within An Individual's Own Heart . A Peaceful Heart Is Rich Satisfied  Giving  Has Awakened Arrived And Has No Need To Go Nowhere It Has Nothing To Achieve And Has To make No Show .This Heart is Pure And Has An Unlimited Power To Give And Share Love Without Any Boundaries . <3<3<3

This Journey Of Peace Then Moves From The Self To The Spouse Children And Rest Of The Family .When The Peace Arrives In The Family The Members Interact  In Complete Harmony The Fun And Love Is Exuded  Everyone Is Loved And Respected Their Space Shared And Given No Raised Voices And Everyone Stands With And Besides  Each Other . <3<3<3

No One Feels Lonely  Let Down Or Unloved.. <3<3<3

 The Couple Together Puts Forth A Life Full Of Love And None Of The Daily Worries Have Any Effect As They Are Sorted Out Together Amicably Without Fear Or Rejection Of Any Sorts .<3<3<3

 Love Among The Parents Strengthens The Family Environment And Brings  Peaceful Loving Children With A Strong Conscious .<3<3<3

 The Young Children When They Interact Amongst Themselves Spread Comrade Around There Is No Bullying As Love And Compassion Is Their Way of Life Bringing About Helpful And Emphatic Environment.  <3<3<3

These Children Love , Trust , Help Without Reservations . They Laugh Easily Are Fearless And Accept Everyone As They Are  .  <3<3<3

Prosperity Follows Them Around As They Are Above Greed And Are Also Creative . Their Knowledge Spreads Like Wild Fire Amongst Themselves Creating Amicability . These Children Nurture Their Spirit Along s They Grow Older And Spread It Around .   <3<3<3

 The Peace In These Individuals Is Like Wildfire For They Have An Inborn Knack Of Getting All Their Work Done With A Smile. I Pray Every one Starts To Work On Their Personal Level To Achieve The Peaceful Harmony And Earth Will Be Heaven That Everyone Dreams Of  . <3<3<3
                                                                                      ~~~~ God Bless All !

Friday, May 4, 2012


When Love Is In The Air

Sweet Fragnance Is Shared
When Love Is In The Air

Sweet Voice Is Blessed With Caress

When Love Is In The Air

Sweet Blessed Words We Hear

When Love Is In The Air

Glowing Eyes Are Blessed With Shine

When Love Is In The Air

One Is Always Ready To Dare 

When Love Is In The Air 

Sweet Company Is Mighty Near

When Love Is In The Air 

Is Blessed With Revered Almighty's Care.


                                            ~~ God Bless !

                                                              ~~~~ Arvinder.