Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Open Mind please Open Mind 
Keep always your Open Mind
Love for One and Love for All
Heart so Big Oh ! not so Small
Hate not for Colour nor for Creed
Or Religion or for Greed
Love All Creatures Big or Small
For They are Made of Order Tall

Open Mind Keep Open Mind 
Always see coin's other side 
Love them Young and Love them Old
Care for them and Compassion for All
Close not your Heart Shrink it not at all
For it is a Life of Destitute Lost
Open Your Heart for Love Divine 
Watch and Observe with an Inner Light

Open Mind Oh ! Open More 
Life is Larger Further More
A Brighter Light Embodies More
Wonders Happen for One Sure
Gently softly new Roads Emerge
Tread so Light and Tread so Sure
Timeless Bounties are all Yours
See Beyond the Boundaries Close

Open Your Mind Yeh! Open it
Conservation of Powers so Important
Depletion Unending is sad Emmition
The Future Thankful
Present Full of Compassion
The Past is Past and has No Remission
Everything is Yours and Yours Alone
For YOU are Him and He is You
So Open Your Mind and Move on to the Future.!!

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