Wednesday, May 11, 2011


There Will Always Be Songs That Bring You Cheer

There Will Always Be Friends That Will Show They Care

Fun Loving And Dear On Warm And Happy Days

Sharing And Caring When The  Pain Is There

There Will Always Be Days When Hopes Are Held High

When Hearts And Mind Take Loving Wings And Fly

Reaching A Heart That's Already Swinging With Sharing

There Will Always Be Night When The Stars Hang Low

And The Moonlight Sends Its Cool  Silvery Glow

Reminding One Of The Love That Surely Surrounds

With Warmth Of Their Simple Hugs And Their Words

There Will Always Be Songs Of Love And Caress

Words Endearing  Swaying To Mesmerising Music

There Will Always Be Friends Who"ll Forever Dare

To Spend  Time With Thoughts Of Love They  Send

On The Tender Caressing Colourful Angel Wings

Across The Oceans With The Speedy Rustling Winds !!!


                                                               ~~~~~~ Arvinder 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks A Lot Sandhya For The Like I Know Its A Little Late But I Am Sorry I Could not Access My Blog Earlier as My Laptop Was Not Well And Had To Be Taken To Its Doctor It Took Quiet Some Time Till We Restored It To Good Health. God Bless You For Visiting.