Friday, June 15, 2012


                      I + MAGIC + NATION

                I Create Magic For A Nation

IMAGINATION -- A Gift To Te Human Mind Of The Almighty God To Create magic .

Humans Are Made In The True Image Of The Powerful Almighty God And Have The Power To Create Magic .

The Almighty Through The Vast Creative Imagination Created The Whole Natural Cosmos. The Vast Universe , The Innumerable Galaxies , The Absolute Black Holes , Nearing Us The Multitude Of Planets , The Sun , The Moon , The Beautiful Earth We Dwell On . Every Planet Was Blessed In Ways Yet Unknown To Us Mankind , But Yes The Earth Was Blessed With Bounties Of Nature The Best God Could Figure . The Sun Was Placed At The Wonderfully Right Distance So That Its Heat And Warmth Gave The Right Temperature To Nurture Various And Wondrous Life Forms 84 Millions In All According To The Sages . The Moon Lovingly Placed At A Distance Where It Reflected The Sun's Light In A Passionately Silvery Glow  To All The Earth's Darker Nightly Side So That The Earthlings Trying To Complete Their Unfinished Chores Of The Day Could Be Helped As The Sun Dare Not Pamper The Whole Of The World On The Earth In One Go So The Movement Of The Earth Was Created And Every Day The Sun Rose In The East Giving Its light Calling in Words Day To Nurture And Becoming Alive And Kicking Of Life Forms  And Set In The West Of Each Man Made Nation .The Setting of The Sun Caused Night A Wondrous Wonder With The Blanket Of Darkness Spread Over It So That After Hard Working Kicking Life The Life Forms Needed Rest And Sleep . The Air We All Lived On Needed To To Be Absorbed And Cleaned By The Bounteous Trees In Nature  Wow What A Cosmos And What Creation The Air That Was Foul And Harmful For Beings And Animals  Was  Food for The Greens So lavishly  Spread Out All Over Giving The Earth Its Beautiful Colour. What A Great Work Of Art And Magic By Nature . All This Was Almighty's Imagination At Work . 

The Mighty Rivers That Flow From The Heights Of The  Mountains  Through Their Artifice Colour The Hills And The Plains To The Shores Of The Expanse Of The Deep Huge Oceans With Their Flows Are All The Magic Of Almighty And Human Beings Being The Image Of Almighty have A Great Mind That Thrives On The Divine's Power Of Imagination . As The Life Forms On Earth Developed And As Time Passed On The Development Of Human Form Happened Mind Started To Work Overtime . Firstly Small Needs Started To Arise . Eating As Hunger Was There , Saving Oneself From Other Species So Survival Became Paramount And So The Human Thought Started To Thrive . The Desires Also Took Ground And Started To Sprout These Thrifty Desires Gave Birth To Imagination's Creative Instinct . All Material Available On Earth Was Helpful In Creating Things Which became helpful in Satiating The Desire. All materials Given By Nature's Bounty were Further Made Use Of To Create Weapons, Homes, For Saving Ourselves From Animals, Cold, Rain And Heat . Growing Grains , Vegetables, Fruits For Food As And How The Need Arose . 

The Imagination Worked Harder And Divine Guidance Was Received To Create And Make The World A Better Place For Mankind's Survival . Small And Loving Changes Beautified Earth All The More And God Was Happy With The Small God His Own Creation Till Man Through Overworking His Imagination Started To Plunder And Destroy Without Thinking And Weighing The Pros And Cons Loosing Awareness Completely  And Slowly Going Into Complete And Denial . As And When The Greed , Hunger, Ego, Increased The Power It Started To Degrade The Human Mind . Imagination Gave Man An Intense Desire To Live On And On Where As Nature And God Loves To Create , Destroy And Recreate . Man Loved to Create , Accumulate And Keep All His Creation For Eternity . Instead Of Natural Decay That Keeps Everything In Order And Regeneration ,Our Possessions Destruct Accumulate And Leave Our Mother Earth Burdened . 

The Earth Revels In Its Unimaginable Changes Brings Out Varied Aspects Of Bounties And Beauty But Human Beings In Selfishness Brings Blots On The Mother Nature Through Its Imaginary Creations. There Is A Need To Wake Up To Work In Positive Cognizance With Nature . We Need To Revere  Respect Admire Love The Creation's laudable Imagination Provides Us With And Use It Frugally So That The Balance Is Not Destroyed . Imagination Needs  To Work To Create And Amply Beautify What Almighty Created . I Would Love To Say That All Human Imagination Is Almighty At Work. The Positivity Is Thy Creation And The Negativity Is Also Thine For He Is Present In All Life Forms So Also In Humans. 

The Completeness Of All Matter Living And Non Is Almighty . A Little by little Dispersed In All For That Is What Is Enjoyed Most . The Wings Of Imagination Are the Thoughts That Circle in Human Mind For Only Human mind Has The Power To Assimilate Access  Then Project And Ultimately Working On The Thoughts Creates Which Is A Blessing To The Human Mind. The Sages, The Artists, The Writers, The Doctors, The Scientists Are All Close To Their Own Divine Self And Receive Inspiration From The Almighty's Loving Care To Create A better World For One And All The Only Detriment Would Be Greed That Takes One  Away From The Positive Divine Order Of Sharing and Caring. 

All Materials Accumulated Are left In This World For Nothing I Must Emphasise On NOTHING Can Be Carried Into The Other Realms. The Body We So Lovingly Pamper Is Left Here For There Is Only Place For The Soul Energy To Travel Through Realms Body Materials All Remain Here On This Earth To Degenerate For Souls Serve The Purpose Of Almighty . The Bud That Flowers on The Plant Opens To Share Fragrance And Beauty To All Who See And Observe It Quietly Wither's Away Becoming Food For The Soil of The Same Plant The Frugality Of Almighty's Creative Zeal.

Lets All Create Magic Of Love Of Abundance For One and All . food Amply Provided By Nature But Lack Of Will And Empathy Lets It Rot  Greed Makes It Rot And Hunger Strikes Its Blow On People. With Love And Compassion It Can Reach Every Mouth . Overcome Greed And Succumb To Sharing While Still living Not Thinking Our Children Would Do Us Proud After We Are Gone. The Hoarding Of stuffs Has No Meaning But Is A Sign Of Thriftiness. Sharing With Young Ones With Love So As To Give Them The Opportunity To Grow To Magic. 

Remembering The Almighty Creator's Magic Being Grateful For The Unending Bounties And Creating Magic Daily Into Our Own Lives . Living In Happiness Love  Light And Peace !

                                      God Bless !

                                   ~~~~~~ Arvinder .

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