Thursday, June 7, 2012


I Saw A Tree Stripped Naked

Ripped Off Its Tiny Greens

It Stood With Arms Wide Open 

Each Arm Invitingly Moving

Few Shaken Earthen Leaves

All Ready To Fall With The Breeze

Tall Sturdy And Majestically

With Endless Strength And Beauty

It Stood Patiently Waiting 

For The Time To Pass The Show

Sunlight Gave It A Golden Glow 

And Set My Mind In Revere Go

Life Has Its Different Moods For Sure

Sometimes You're Alive And Aglow

Sometimes Autumn Strikes Its Blow 

Sparkle In Eyes Sometimes Grow

Sometimes Empty Of Every Show

Learning And Growing Oh So Slow

Remembrance Of The Tree All Grown

With The Leaves All Hues Of Green 

Grateful For Every Season's Show 

Birds Would Build Their Nests So Sure

The Rest It Needed From The Spring's Growth

It Made Me Humble For The Moods Of Life

Grateful For The Colours Of Life

Sometimes Bright And Full Of Zest 

Forgetting The Creator In All The Best

The Times Of Pain Were A Reminding Test

Loving Reminder Of What We'd Forget

To Be Thankful To The Almighty In Every Quest

Who Loved Us Beings And Carried Us Every Step .

                                  ~~~~Arvinder .

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