Tuesday, September 4, 2012


                             Slow And Steady 

The Transformation  Occurs...............

Its Not Easy to Break An Old Habit 

And Neither Its

Easy to Form A New One . 

Slowly And Silently

Working on An idea That Forms 

In Ones Head

This Idea Can Be Instantly Rejected 


Can be Diligently

Worked Upon So That It Assumes 

A Form In Ones Head .

Well The Story Does Not End There 

It Needs To Be Put In Words 



Now Comes 

The Moment Of Judgement 

On Your Own Part .......             


Does Oneself Like The Picture Or Not ...

Will The Picture Be Acceptable To All ...

Will ThePicture Do You Good ....

Make You A Better Person....... 

Help Others Along The Way..... 

If The Anwers Are All Yes


Well Now Comes The Difficult Part 

Working Hard To

Make It Come All Alive 

Many Obstacles Will Come From Without ...... 

People Will Not like The Innitial Start , 

They Will Work Hard To Break Your Resolve , 

They Will Belittle , 

Will Make Fun , 

But The Whole Idea Is To Keep 

Working On Keep Your Resolve 

Do The Small Side Tracks That Help 

You On And Believe In The Gut Feeling 

Never Let The Other Voices 

Slow You Down 

Slowly And Steadily

All Barrers Are Broken 


The Light Shines Through .                                                                                       

                                 Loads Of Love And God Bless !

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