Monday, February 4, 2013


Arvinder Kaur

Establishing Harmony In The Three Psychic Layers of Being  Is Important , The Unconscious The Conscious And The Super Conscious Especially Merging Of Ego With Super Ego . Man Needs To listen To His His Word in His Own Conscience i.e God Manifested  A Gentle Soul Gives A Natural Response Of Even Minded Loving Kindness To All Under All Circumstances Especially In Situations Which Warrant Automatic Reactions Leaving No Scope For The Sensor Of Ego.  Patient Caring  Lots Of Love Is The Key To All And Every Action That Takes On In Situations . Having Faith In The Creator's Choice Defines Ones Destiny And The Actual Meaning Of One's Being Reason Of Your Coming And Reverting Back To Revering Oneness That Starts With The Creation And Ends With The End Of Creation. All God' s Blessings !

Straker Damon
harmony love joy and peace will cause one to transcend horizontal living into the realm of vertical living a higher consciousness, the ego must be understood because it is very very cunning, it dissolve thru witness it, and this moment is important because the past and future cant exist NOW......A gentle soul give us action to every moment as Arvinder mention which is beautiful....reaction belongs to the ego but first we must realise that the ego is in control in order dissolve it and allow altruism to take place....peace and love....

ARVINDER, you are a bright light in the universe

NAMASTE, i thank you again for your insight....I say what you are saying is true because i have reach that understanding of thoughtlessness and i am able to ask any question to receive any answer, there is also no more running and learning....its like riding a bike down hill no energy is required, whereas at on time all energy was required....if feeling good to see that this experience is recognise by other and hope other can reveal the natural self in a time where artificial self occupies so many unconscionably...

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