Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Summer Thought

Arvinder Kaur30 May 02:59

 A Very Good Day Friends ......
Its A Beautifully Warm Summer Day . The Heat And The Warmth Can Not Be Comprehended Unless One Ventures Out Of The Cool Indoors Of The Hearths That We Love So Much . The Sun's Brightness And Warmth is At Its Peak I Wish This Would Be So In Winters But Then When One Thinks Aloud If The Sun Worked As Hard As Summers During Winters Then We Would'nt Have The Snow We Love And the Rivers Would Not Be Full Of
Running Waters Now So I Guess Everything That Happens In Nature Is For The Good Of All Beings . The Different Seasons Give Us Their Varied Booties The Lovely Cool Cucumbers The Sweet Mouthwatering Melons Watermelons And Mangoes. The Lush Green Grass The Beautifully Flowering Trees And Gulmohars Flowering Like Flame In The Forests In The Concrete Jungle Of Cities We live In . Always Grateful For The Beauty of Nature Around Us The Beautifull Lovely Birds Chirping in The Trees Every Morning Evening And Absolute Stillness in The Summer Afternoon Which Surprises Me Most At Their Quietitude ..... The Sun Seems Mercilessly Malicious Glowering At All Who Would Dare It. Splashing The Vitamin D Generously For All So That Our Bodies Assimilated The Calcium Our Bones Require To Remain Healthy, Here We Grudge The Heat Of The Summer. I Hope Dear Friend You'll Appreciate My Summer Thought of The Day 

Lots of Love And God Bless !

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