Thursday, August 8, 2013



       Sky's The Limit

    Dream With Eyes Closed
Are Myriads Of Subconscious
    Dreams With Eyes Open
Are Subtle Awareness Of The Conscious
    Flying Above The Clouds
The Limits So Undefined
   There Are Skies Above The Clouds
That Are Above The Grounds
    Sweet Serenity Surrounds
When Thoughts Just Leave Their Grounds
    Pure Energies All Around
Growing On The Magnanimous Mind
     Loosing The Sense Of 'I'
Smiling Divinity Surrounds
     White Purity Of Clouds
Reminds Of Soft Snowflakes Surround
    The Power Of Featherlight Clouds
Dancing Floating One Strides Around
    Fall From The Cloud Nine
Is It Possible For One To Die
    Remember The Conscious Is Heavy
And Subconscious Just Light Divine
    It Takes One Beyond The Blithe
Effulgence Is All That Surrounds .


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