Tuesday, May 5, 2015


The Day I Stared At The Mirror         And Smiled
It Was With A Grateful Sigh
A Reminder Of The Divine
That Lights Up Your Heart And Mine
The Beauty Of The Moon Just Shines
When The Sun Softly Hides Its Light
Birds In Nests  Are Left Behind
Chirping Insistently In Twilight
The Morning Glory Clasps Its Petals Close
Bringing The Darkness To Life
What Miracles Each Moment Brings
Breathing Life To Sweetly Survive
The Night's Darkness To Morning Light
Bumble Sings Its Song Divine
With Grateful Chirp In Highs Of Trees
Low The Night Stars Light The Sky
Resting In Peace Is Earth So Quiet
In The Glory Of The Morning Shine
The Sunflowers open Softly To Sunny Rays
Dew Soaked Blades Glistening Still
Pearly White In Warming Light
Reminding Of The Warmth
In Hearts That Are Pure Light
Loving Each And Every Sight
The Divinity Springs In All Its Delight .


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