Saturday, April 14, 2012


From Years Eternal The New Year Day Dawns
On The First Day Of Baisakh In Our Own Lands
Winter's Gone With The Glowing Bright Yellow Sun

The Wheat Kissed Golden By The Warming Sun
All Ready To Be Reaped And Cut For Feeds
Farmers Leaping Dancing to The Beat Of Drums
Maidens Laughing Dancing In Colourful Gait
Hard Work's Reaped By Farmers And Sons
The Prosperity Shines With The Reaping Spray
The Bowl Is Full With The Country's Food

Its Baisakhi Today And A Grateful Day
Thankful That The God Has Been Great
540 Years Ago There Came A Saint
Nanak Taught Us To Love And Share
He Led The Masses With His Open Care
Sharing His Pure Spirit With Ten In All
The Gurus Were The Spirit Of  Endurance Dear
They Practised And Taught All They Said
Adhering To The Only One Almighty Will
Believing And Showing Absolute Surrender
Guru Gobind Rai The Tenth In Spirit
Showed Love For One And All Around
He Gave His Father's Life For Lives Of Pundits
For The Turks All Wanted Every Indian To Be Muslim  
The Castes And The Creeds And The Religions All Past
The Fear In The Eyes Of  Every One That Was Alive
He Called for All Of  Mankind On Auspicious Together
80,000 Strong Gathered At Anandpur's Kiratpur Grandeur
Where The Guru Asked For Heads Of Men That Were Present
With The Sword In Hand The Guru Was Mad
Was The Chanting In The Congregation Held
Men Fled Away With Families Altogether
The Faith Took Its Hold And One Stood Up
Saying Complete Surrender To Guru's Wish
There Stood Daya Ram With Hands Folded Together
Guru Beheaded  His Head Without Any Hinder
Giving Up The Most Precious Of Possessions
Four More Rose Up  One By One At Guru's Will
Their Heads Held In  Blissful Complete Surrender
Dharam Dass , Himmat Rai, Mukham Chand And Sahib Chand
Were The Blessed Ones Held  On Great Heights
For They Gave Up The Fear Of The Loss of Life
The Love That The Guru Had For These Fearless Forms
Was Even Greater Than What He Had For His Own Four Sons
He Called Them Together His  Five Pure  Beloved  Singh's
The Ones  When Together  Were The Guru Of  Guru
He Gave Them Sweet Amborsian Baptism
Calling Them Khalsa With The Purity Of Almighty
The Guru Became The Follower Of The Mighty Five
By Drinking The Sweet Amborsia From Those Pure Five
For They Had Given Their All Without Batting Their Eye
The Birth Of The Lions And Princess  In India
To Fight Alongside The Guru Without Any Fear
Guru Fought The Turk Army With Careless Abandon
Loosing His Young Four  Sons Along Side Many
The Khalsa Was Born And The Fear Was Lost
In The Purity Of Form As  Lord Almighty Did Want
 On The Day Of  Baisakhi  The 13th April Of 1699.
The Chant Of Waheguruji Da Khalsa Waheguruji Di Fateh
Made The Hearts All Soar And The Gait So Sure ......!              

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