Monday, April 23, 2012


The Day Dawns With The Rays Of The Sun

It Begins To Warm With Its Rise 

It Starts To Wane After Its Peak Is Reached 

Giving Way To Silvery Brighter Star 

Day After Day The Miracle Repeats 

From Eternity It Begins To Reach Eternity 

Its Power To Enrich Is Unendingly Pure 

Mother Earth Brightens Up With Spectacular Hues 

Dew Drops Surround As The Darkness Spreads

Brings Cooling Effects Of The Stars Above

Giving the Earth Its Refreshing Respite

For Its Most Needed After The Rosy Glow 

The Resting Revives And The Mother's Aglow

To Reap The Wonders Of The Mighty Show

The Astounding Miracles Are Sure To Grow

With Every Peak Of The Morning Sun 

The Blessing It Is For All Of Life For Sure

For The Cold Coldness Shrouds

With Dark Black Blanket Around

Shivering and Shuddering The Mother Recounts

The Warm Loving Caress Of The Sunny Dawn .

                                            ~~~~~ Arvinder .

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